Missing admin bar on homepage

Hello, I am not seeing the admin bar on the homepage of a site I was recently asked to update.
I checked permissions and they are the same on the homepage as on sub-pages; which I can see the edit bar on.

I am running version concrete Version - 8.3.2
I don’t know what version of PHP is running.

I am also not seeing anything in the console.

I searched but didn’t find similar posts.

Maybe you have some javascript error? Try checking your browser developer toolbar

Thank you for the reply. I checked the console, there are no errors/messages

Hi @tryptefan - it sounds like either a JavaScript or PHP error - if you see nothing in the console in your browser, you might check the logs dashboard page to see if there’s an error occurring on the home page before the page fully loads stopping the footer from getting loaded (along with scripts that enable the editing chrome).

Thank you for the reply. I don’t see anything suspicious in the logs, but I’ll forward it to the backend team.