Missing Font Awesome Hamburger Icon when converting an Autonav Block, Elemental v. 8 into v.9

I have successfully converted a v.8 (Elemental Theme) site into Version 9. Everything works fine, except the autonav block. It doesn’t show the Open-icon, or Close-icon on mobile view. I shows a small square icon with the font-awesome # instead. And it shows the pages and subpages as styled in CSS.

In Pagetheme, using the bootstrap3 $pThemeGridFrameworkHandle, in registering Assets I have:

        $this->requireAsset('javascript', 'font-awesome'); 
        $this->requireAsset('css', 'font-awesome');

and in footer_bottom.php I have:
<script type="text/javascript" src="<?=$view->getThemePath()?>/js/main.js"></script>
before the closing body tag.

Is there more to do? What am I missing?

Thanks for help

Font Awesome has changed ince that theme was coded. Its more than likely that the icon references in the code aren’t the same in the newer version of font awesome.

Can you give me a URL so I can inspect?

In addition to changing some icon names, Font Awesome has also split into subcategories. Rather than FA it will be FAS or FAB or … . The Concrete core provides some icon mapping from old to new, but not all.


Thank you for helping, I found it.
I use now “Font Awesome 5 Free” icons. One needs to declare a font-weight in CSS.
In the CSS of Elemental v.8 for mobile nav, there is font-weight=normal which will not work.