Missing page with old Concrete versions

At the bottom of the page https://www.concretecms.org/download/archive there’s a link that was pointing to a page on the old marketplace website where we had a list of very old Concrete versions (https://marketplace.concretecms.com/developer-downloads/)

That page is now gone, and I can’t find an alternative.

Are you looking for a particular version @mlocati

Nope: I simply have a script that collects all the concrete versions, and now it’s broken…

See Check last published version · concrete5-community/docker5@bdd5b6d · GitHub

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Hi @mlocati - we have this on our list to get back up - we will post back here when that’s complete. Thx

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@mlocati Update check-latest-version by wordish · Pull Request #61 · concrete5-community/docker5 · GitHub

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@Myq thank you very much!

Nice to see those green check marks again. Thanks for all you do, @mlocati!