Missing pages

Lets start a thread about pages that are now missing or not properly linked from the navigation. That way by replying here it won’t count as part of anyone’s daily new thread limit.

Marketplace News
We used to have a news page of marketplace approvals at /about/marketplace-news.
We no longer have a page at that address in any of the subdomains I have tried.

Please reinstate the marketplace news page.

PRB Team
We used to have a page of further background about the PRB, reviewer guidance, developer guidance and PRB involvement at

Submit to Marketplace

The links at the bottom of this page are broken. The first should link to the new submission page/form, at https://marketplace.concretecms.com/marketplace/manage_item/. At present, I don’t see how anyone can make new marketplace submissions.

The second should link to the Marketplace channel in these forums.

Note on the “PRB Forum”, I recall this possibly being broken in the past as well, where if I wasn’t a PRB member, I couldn’t view that forum thread anyway… EDIT: Maybe because I didn’t have anything active in review at the times I checked the link ?!

We have always had 2 different forums, but the terminology has become confused, especially with mis-named slack channels.
During alpha test we concluded to settle on the terminology

  • Marketplace forum, which is the public forum for discussing marketplace issues
  • A PRB forum, private to PRB members

At present, Submitting Code :: Concrete CMS is only linked from Concrete Community learn more about building websites and connect with developers.

This is nice, but a bit obscure. It would make more sense for Submitting Code :: Concrete CMS to be linked from the Extensions page Extend Concrete with Add-Ons and Themes

@EvanCooper. Any feedback on the missing pages above?

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@JohntheFish I started a list of pages. Thank you!

Broken docs page. Recently Added Documentation. With new docs and updates coming for v9 (we hope), this needs to be resolved.