Modena theme video hero unit doesn't work on iphone

modena theme video hero unit doesn’t work on iphone

I thought that the video hero unit of the modena theme was set in concreteCMS 8.5.7 and the iphone was selected from the mobile preview of the gear mark and it was working, but some people pointed out that the video is not working. it was done.

It seems that it didn’t work on the iphone originally.

Can anyone solve this problem?

I searched on the net, but even if I tried to refer to only WordPress articles, I could not solve it due to lack of knowledge.

Thank you.

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What to do if the video mp4 embedded with the video tag cannot be played on iOS
There are a few cases where videos are embedded in the top page.

Under such circumstances, the embedded video (mp4) could not be played on iOS for some reason, so I investigated various things.

As a result, the following description worked.

As we informed you in the support post you raised with us, we know what is causing this and are currently working on an update.

The author announced a new version, so I solved it.
Thank you very much.