Modifying the appearance of blog entries

What am I doing wrong? Or maybe it doesn’t work?

I’m trying to change the appearance of blog entries by modifying one of the parts - sidebar (in the types, blog entry, and output sections)
it works for new entries, but I cannot update the previous ones - I don’t see an option that allows it
Have any of you tried this? any tips?

PHP Version 8.1.24

Hey @ampersand -

Yeah you should be able to do “set up on child pages” by clicking on the block you want to send out to the child pages:

But maybe you’re talking about modifying existing blocks on the page?

The other guess would be caching - you might try clearing cache and maybe those other pages would update if it’s a more visual change you’re making.

@EvanCooper I honestly think someone (Core Team) needs to install a legacy version of concrete and see how setting up default pages and individual blocks worked on page type defaults pages. The whole idea of setting up / modifying defaults areas and blocks is a contrived mess compared to what it used to be. I’ve mentioned this quirk numerous times and nobody seems to have picked up on it yet… The way you could set up and unset blocks in areas of defaults pages was lost with the shift to v9 :expressionless:

For instance, in legacy, say you had a handful of blocks set up in an area of page type defaults and you wanted to change the order of said blocks on all output pages:

  1. Click each block in the area and choose to un-apply the block to the pages.
  2. Change the order of said blocks in area.
  3. click to re set up blocks in area for defaults.
    4 Ta-Da, the blocks are now in the new default order and it is reflected on every already existing page.

Can’t do that any more!!!

For instance, to do this now in v9, you have to copy/paste each block into a different page area. Then delete the original blocks from the area, and copy in the new set of blocks and then set them up for defaults. It’s a pain!!

@enlil hmm that does sound like it would be arduous - can you link me the Github issue you’re referencing?

@EvanCooper It never came to github fruition, by myself anyway, because suddenly there was word that the way we set up defaults would be shifted to doing so by area (Saw some commenting by Andrew. Believe this was on github), leaving thoughts and argument up in arms, as to how we would be moving forward as is…