Modifying the CSS of a concrete theme


I am new to concrete and am in the process of learning how to “concretify” my custom static site (HTML + CSS). I followed the instructions and I now have my site set up using concrete on my local machine.

Now that I know some of the basics, like adding editable areas, I want to continue developing my site. I started coding CSS like I normally do, only to find that changes made to the CSS file do not affect the site. Could anyone kindly explain why this is? And how do I change the CSS of my concrete site?

Make sure your cache is turned off

or if you want to keep it turned out make sure you clear it.

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Thank you for the quick reply. All caching is already turned off. Does this mean I normally should be able to edit the css file directly?

It seems I am able to update the page’s CSS via inline styles, but not the CSS file itself… I have no idea…

Are you definitely pulling in the CSS file to the page? Does anything show up from it?

Yes, I have “<?=$view->getThemePath()?>/” in the href and all the styles from before I converted the code to a theme are working. When I remove the link to the stylesheet there are no styles, so it is definitely taking the styles from the file… but when I modify the stylesheet there is no effect.

Update: some of the styles I put in the stylesheet have shown up. I tried reverting my changes to see if they would show up but nothing happens… It almost seems as if it’s just taking an eternity to load.

Despite having already disable caching globally, there must have been some cache remaining because everything started behaving normally after I cleared the cache a few times. Thank you @TMDesigns for responding to my post. I am very grateful that you were willing to try and help out a noob like me. :smiley:

also on Chrome (or Chrom-based browsers) you can use ctrl + shit + r to hard refresh and clear the cache. (I’m sure there are similar commands on other browsers)
I have to do this from time to time as well when css changes wont fully show up.

Another tip:
wrap all your css-modifications with the div.ccm-page class to prevent issues with the concrete editing interface.
(look here for more info)

Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much! This is very helpful.

You may find this add-on helpful. I purchased one for testing, then ended up buying some more licenses. It saves a lot of time when tweaking a theme’s CSS.

Thanks, I may consider it in the future for paid client work. It looks very convenient.