Monthly payments on Community Store

Hi there

I am currently building a site for my Client. I have installed Community Store on to it, however i wondered if someone could guide me on how to do the following:

For some of their products they would like their customers to have payment options. So for one of their products (for context this is for an online business directory listing) they would like the following pricing options:

  • £120 (one-off payment)
  • £12.50 per month for 12 months.

Hope this makes sense!

How do I do this in Community Store? The payment gateway is Stripe.


This unfortunately isn’t possible with Community Store in its current form.

There are actually a lot of differences between handling one-off payments, versus handling recurring payments. Things like handling failed payments, expiring credit card reminders, sending invoices, etc, all take a different approach than what a traditional shopping cart handles.

Sometimes this can be quite hard to explain to clients, as from their perspective they just see them both as customer payments with a checkout for them to fill in their details.
But on the technical level they’re really very different, hence why there’s not a solution in place for Community Store, and it’s unfortunately not a trivial thing to add in.

It really requires a different kind of add-on. There is a Stripe subscriptions add-on in the marketplace:

(i’ve not used this myself to comment on it, but the fact it’s in the marketplace should suggest it’s been reviewed to work correctly).
What I’m not sure if is that add-on also handles standard order payments. For those, you might need to use Community Store, or our Payments with Stripe add-on: Payments with Stripe - concrete5

You ultimately may need to steer your client away from recurring payments, by explaining the extra challenges they create.