Move Site from temporary URL to main URL

Disclaimer: I’m not jet very experienced with using concrete and website development (let alone programming).

After having built a website with concrete using a temporary URL (in a folder on the server – to not overwrite the old website). Now I’d like to set a new URL, the same as the original website had before. So basically from “my-website. com / new-website” to just “my-website. com” – including all the sub-pages.

The only thing I could find in the documentation was:

… which isn’t what I need here, is it? After all, I’m not moving my site to a new server and the database also stays the same.

Is there a guide somewhere, describing the exact steps I need to take? Or can someone explain it to me? Everything I have found online has just confused me and I want to make sure I do not make any mistakes.

Additional infos: The site is currently running on version 9.1.2, I’m using plesk (metanet)

The simplest would be

  • backup your server space and databases (just in case!)
  • turn off the c5 caches
  • put the database entities into development mode
  • rename your current /public_html/ to /old_html/
  • rename (move) your new site into /public_html/ so the paths become /pubilc_html/concrete/, /pubilc_html/application/, /pubilc_html/packages/ etc.

That way, your existing domain name points to the new site.

As long as you have used the correct page & file pickers when building the new site (and not coded any URLs directly into anything), that should just work.

  • enable the caches
  • take the database entities out of development mode

Thank you for your reply.
Could you maybe explain in more detail how exactly I need to do these things?

Specifically, how do I turn off the c5 caches and how do I put the database entities into development mode?

In the dashboard search bar,

  • enter ‘cache’ and find the page for cache settings.
  • enter ‘entities’ and find the page for database entities settings.

If you’re using Plesk, you may want to consider taking a look at this article:

It sounds like you are working in a sub-directory of your live site, so unfortunately this approach won’t work, but you could always move the site you’re working on to a staging environment. Sometimes this feature is not visible in Plesk. This article will tell you how to enable it:

I’m also facing the same issue with my service website I’m aslo unable to login dashboard. after moving site my all post and pages are broken and facing lots of 404 errors in search console. please help me to fix this problem

Since your site is a Wordpress ‘Elementor’ type codebase, you should post your question in the Wordpress or Elementor Community Forums.
This forum is for members who use a ‘ConcreteCMS’ codebase.