Moving from 8 > 9

Hi folks,

is there anywhere that outlines changes that have happened in v9 that might break custom blocks and themes that were made in v8.


You might want to keep an eye on this thread

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I’ve started upgrading some of our sites and the main things I’m finding that are breaking are

  1. Usage of core assets (many assets were removed from the core)
  2. Themes using bootstrap3 the editing menus seem to get very tiny
  3. Queueable jobs from v8 need classes in the function variables

There are a lot of updates that you could make to a theme but from what I’ve found they’re not required and themes using bootstrap3/less still work fine.

If you are going to upgrade to PHP8 that list gets a bit longer, but PHP8 really isn’t a v9 requirement/issue either.

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Yea I think my main issue is missing assets from core and bootstrap.
Challange for a novice like me track down.
Maybe a good opportunity to start a fresh look, most of our site comprises static pages that don’t change much.

It would be nice if there was a list of these problems/glitches so everyone isn’t repeating the whole discovery process over and over :crazy_face:

We do have this, but maybe we could add a note about it in the “before you post” text so folks know that’s where they’re supposed to look before they report a bug as new: