Moving my websites to web-station (synology nas)

Hey C5,

I have two websites from Concrete5 cms working on “Mamp Pro” local on my iMAc.
I wish to move them to my Synology NAS and use the “web station” app on my NAS.

I nevertheless encounter an Error message when I launch the websites on Synology.
I really have not enough knowledge to solve the problem.

can you help me out of this?

I wish to show you the error but I do not succeed to upload the file.

thank you

Without some details it’s very hard to guess what’s going wrong…

first error;

Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException(E_WARNING)

include(/Users/stefaan/Sites/localhost_allerlei/maartenweb_database/concrete/single_pages/login.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory.

second error (from second website)

Doctrine \ DBAL \ Exception \ TableNotFoundExeption

An Exception occured while executing ‘SELECT*FROM TreeFileNodes WHERE treeNodedID=?’ with params[“7”):SQLSTATE[42S02): Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘polparol_be.TreeFileFolderNodes’ doesn’t exist

I like like not all the files are on the server and the database is incomplete.

The first one, maybe you had pretty URLs enabled and the .htacces either was not copied or needs to be adjusted.

The second, database entities may need to be refreshed.

When moving sites - before the move - I find it best to disable cache + clear cache, disable pretty urls, disable canonical urls, put database entities into development mode.

Then set those up again once the new location is up and running.