Multi Site with Community Store?

I just wanted to confirm that currently the Community Store does not allow for separate products / settings when concrete is in multi site mode? Playing around with it a little bit I didn’t see this as an option.

Use case: we have a client who would like to sell in different currencies and I was reading previous discussion surrounding this and some of the recommendations of running separate sites with separate transaction providers. It would be awesome if it were possible to run the separate sites within a single concrete installation however I would assume this would require a significant number of changes to the community store package to track which site each product / order / config / taxes / shipping / etc is related to.

Have there been any discussions around this and is any one else in a similar scenario?

Thanks for the all the work on the store in general! It’s key functionality for the platform.

I can confirm that you’re correct in your assessment - Community Store isn’t built with multiple sites in mind off of the same install.

It handles multiple languages, with ways to translate products, etc.

But handling different actual sites, with different currencies and payment methods, would be very complicated. I can see how it would be useful, but nearly every aspect of the store would need consider multi-site configurations, everything from product prices, some products being available in some sites and not others, discounts being applicable to only one store, reporting on different sites… etc, etc…

So the path of least resistance is to just set up multiple sites/shops (perhaps building the first one and the cloning it), and considering a way to streamline product management via the API or similar.