Multilingual: "Create the Parent page first"

Hi there,
I’m in charge of updating an existing multilingual website. If I go to:
Dashboard > Systems & Settings > Multilingual > Page report
there are pages that show options (Create Page/Map/Ignore), while others have the wording “Create the Parent page first” and I don’t know how to set this parent page.
In these pages the “Create Page” button is disabled and the tooltip says: “Parent page does not exists. Create the parent page in this tree first”.

How do you add and manage a parent page? Do I have to look in the Sitemap?

As no one has answered this post, I thought I might add to it. I too have the same problem.

In the user guide multi lingual section, appears,
“The multilingual settings makes it easy to create and manage separate page tree structures for each language. Each language — even the language your site is currently written in — will get its own parent page, under Concrete CMS’s default “Home” page.”

I followed the instructions and set up the second language. In the page report tab in the system and settings, multi lingual section I get at the first page of the second language with “Create the parent page first.”

Indeed at the bottom of the user guide multi lingual section there is included a screen shot of the page report tab which shows “Create the parent page first.” at the top of the tree of the second language. As far as I can see in the user guide multi lingual section there is no description of how to make the first page become the parent page.

It seems a little bit strange.

In the website as I have set it up, the language switcher and both menu trees seems to work fine, even though I do not have a parent page in the second language.

Is this parent page only necessary when using the page mapping and translation facilities?
I just need 2 menu trees and a language switcher I intend to build each language tree separately and do the translation manually.

If I remember well there is a bug listed in Github about the behavior of the site logo and tile which redirects back to home page whichever language you start from. Is this something to do with no parent page?

it appears there are 2 different pages in the user guide concerning setting up a multilingual site

It does make life confusing for a new comer. Perhaps one of the links is to legacy docs, but there no indications if this so or not, No dates either.

Hi @alaneku - the first page you link is part of the “guided tour” which is mean to be a higher level overview, while the second link is part of the editor’s reference guide, which is the more exhaustive documentation for each part of Concrete.

Re: the parent page question - you can’t map a page across the site trees until you have mapped the page’s parent page across the site trees. You can see in my example image that I can only create the page in the French site tree for the pages under the home page - I can’t create, for instances, /radical/great-stuff yet, because I haven’t created /radical in the French site tree.

I think that the text “Create the parent page first” under the secondary language home page is in error - that would be good to report as a Github issue here: