Multilingual: simple language

I am trying to create a simple version of my page “simple speech” for people who have trouble understanding difficult context.
I think a good (best?) way to do this is using the multilingual feature.

  • Has anyone experience doing such thing? How did you do it?
  • Can I setup my own “flag” symbol? Where?

Is there anything I should be concerned with?


I think we can’t do this now, but I’m curious about how to create a custom language. I’m Japanese, and sometimes I have to add “Simplified Japanese” as another language to the website because Japanese is too hard to learn from foreigners who live in Japan.

I have not tried yet, but I suppose you simply take (download) a language file and translate the strings. Then, create a new directory in the “languages” (wherever that might be) and I expect the “new” language to be available