Multilingual Sitemap New Language pages hiding as System Pages?


We set up some multi lingual aspect a long time ago but removed it as the client wasnt ready to update it all.

Yesterday we set up a German version again, went to the multilingual section, added German, it adds the Homepage ok. But JUST the homepage. I went to the section to copy the Sitemap Tree over, and it ran. BUT, the pages it created seem to be hiding as System pages - so any pagelists looking for them return nothing, the dashboard only shows them if you show system pages etc.

I’ve removed and re-done this multiple times and it keeps doing it. Am I missing something?

I can only paste 1 image here even though I am not new… but this one below is with “system pages” showing. If I show just the main sitemaps, the German side just shows “Home” and nothing else at all.

Permissions are all the same. Absolutely lost as to why these are being considered system pages??

If you had set it up previously and perhaps deleted it, could these pages have been loitering in un-cleared trash?

Thought that, made sure I emptied all the trash before I did it the next time, still did it

That was the only idea that immediately came to mind. I will post again if I think of anything else.

Yeah agreed with what John said - also make sure you clear the cache after emptying the trash so that all the page paths get re-indexed and all that.

Turns out, when concrete is checking for “rescanSystemPageStatus” it does not check which Tree is is looking in, just looks by Page Path. Which I guess is fine, if it didnt fail to remove PagePaths when it deleted an old Site Tree.

My old German Site Tree used the same “/de” path, and when checking for system page status, it looks for that page in PagePaths, both my old delete tree and my new tree had “/de” paths in there, and it was getting the old one due to the earlier cID. It then checks for its parent and it cant find it so gets a 0 - meaning its a system page.

It was causing ALL of my pages under that tree to keep reverting to System Pages every time they got rescanned.

I dont think its a bug? I think my server was having issues when deleting the old multilingual site tree and it didnt finish the job.