Multilingual - use of Welsh and Welsh flag

I’m having trouble with getting Concrete to display the Welsh flag using multilingual, it seems we pick up the UK flag for both en_GB and cy_GB and I suppose this is because Concrete picks up the locale rather than the language. This used to be an easy thing to fix in older versions, but now it’s too complicated for non-devs like me. Anyone able to suggest a workaround? There is a wales.png in the folder but I can’t seem to get Concrete to grab it.

Without getting into the politics of defining a country or territory or subdivision, the fundamental problem in this case is that the Unicode organization classifies Wales as a subdivision of the UK. Concrete’s list of flags is based on their definition of country.

A workaround is to write a little code to add your desired territory to the list when the on_get_countries_list event fires.

Another hack would be to just replace that GB icon with the CY icon…

I had an addon that could inject extra country, province and state codes and flags for v5.6. It included UK components Wales, Scotland, England, NI etc. It could also correct the country/state/county code discrepancies in the core country/state classes.

Trouble was, other than the site I developed it for, it didn’t sell. So it never got updated when 5.6 became legacy.

Thanks John… I do remember that add-on, I must have looked at it at some point. It used to be an easy hack but ot so much any more.

Thanks for the reply… it seems to me that I’d need to create the country ‘Wales’ and then point it to the flag? Otherwise we’d just get the UK flag instead. Replacing the UK flag isn’t an option as we need that too, for the English. This is all very much beyond my level of PHP hackage, which is almost non-existent… is there anyone out there who could advise on what we’d need to add to that event? thanks