Multipage Site setup issue

Hi there!

I’ve got a question, currently I am trying to use the multi site setup from V9 but the sitemap is not working correctly, I can’t switch pages / sitemaps or languages.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I am running 9.0.2 and php 7.4


I am also getting this error;
Fresh installation, followed the docs.

I’ve done a few installations with v9 and this same thing has happened every time.

What I’ve found is that when you create a new site type in a multisite installation, none of the page types from the Default Site carry over to the new site type. So you have to create new page types in each site type that you create.

Now once you have created the page types for each site type, the new page type do carry over to each new site created in that site type.

I’m having the same problem, both of my sites are showing all the page types, but I still can’t add pages to the second site.

Can confirm this issue with 9.0.2.
Has anybody found a workaround already?

I got it working when I did a clean install of 9.0.2 with no content, then set up multitasking, then installed themes. The page types do not get added in automatically on the additional domains you add, you have to go in and add them for each domain manually. That is what’s giving the error message.

When I tried setting it up using Atomic or Elemental as a test I could not add page types on the additional domains.

I have a test site working with multitasking, but I’m not sure it’s really ready for prime time, you might wait for another release or two if you can.

Thank you for your reply!

I opened a issue on GitHub with a possible workaround for the sitemap selection problem: Sitemap tree problem when using multisite setup · Issue #10427 · concrete5/concrete5 · GitHub

I could fix the permission problem via setting “siteTypeID” for the second multisite in the “Sites” table to “1” the default type.

Setup a new site on my server. Tried adding it to my new Concrete5 v9 install and all it seems to do is direct me to my default apache install.
Do I need to install concrete 5 on both sites?
Is there specific DNS settings that need to be done?
How does C5 write to a different home directory?
Do all sites home directories need to be the same?
There needs to be a full tutorial on setup of multisites. THe current info just doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried 3 seperate clean installs and always the same problem. No access!