Multiple uploads without Flash

Is there any way to do multiple uploads in C5 now that Flash has been removed from modern browsers. I am using Concrete5.6.4.4.


Hutman has published a dropzone equivalent fix for 5.6.4 on GitHub.

There is also my Front End File Uploader addon

(contact me directly if you need any of my addons now unobtainable from in the legacy marketplace)

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Awesome. Thanks. Unfortunately the dropzone uploader doesn’t work for me. When I drop files onto the dialog box, the browser just opens the dropped file in full screen.

There may be some diagnostic information in your browser developer console.
(On Chrome, right click on the window and ‘Inspect’.)

I tried that to check if it flagged any javascript error but all looks good. Maybe a clash with another addon I have installed.

This what the dialog box looks like when it is working properly.
Make sure you follow Hutmans instructions to the letter!

Thought I had done. See screenshots. I did change permissions to 777.

Did you create a folder named ‘files’ in the ‘tools’ folder and place the import.php file in there?

yes. files are in concrete5 directory as I haven’t gone live yet so is not at http root. permissions are all correct. my server php version is set to 7.0.33. Do I need to use lower version?

Just double check your concrete version, there is no such version as, there is a did you mean that?

If you are running then php7 should be okay for the core files.
Might not be okay for addons though.
You should ensure your theme is calling for jquery in the header.php file or loading the concrete/elements/header_required.php file

SOLVED. Seems to work when site is live. The site I was trying to install it to had an extra directory in the path.