Multisite & Global Areas

Are Global Areas supposed to be synced across all sites in a multisite installation? If so, any ideas on having navigation / logos vary across the sites in a multisite installation?

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This is throwing me off too. Seems like it is counter productive to the functionality of being able to host multiple sites from one install. I want to be able to share content across these sites, but I shouldn’t be forced to use the same content across these sites.

I feel like there needs to be some new functionality added to improve Global Areas. Something along the lines of “Sitewide Global Areas” and “Multisite-wide Global Areas.” So that we have the option for content to remain on a specific site or be spread across all sites in a multisite installation.

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You can just add some unique site identifier to global area which should be site-wide but not shared across multiple sites:

$a = new GlobalArea('Globa area name - ' .  \Core::make('site')->getSite()->getSiteHandle());

getSiteHandle() can be replaced with getSiteID(), getSiteHomePageID() or even getSiteName() or getAttribute(‘your_custom_site_attribute’) if you keep them unique.

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I assume this requires an installation of the a clone of the Atomik theme? So far this is the only v9 theme that seems to be available. It’s not bad, but sure hope that changes soon.
If we need to clone the Atomik theme, are there any steps we should keep in mind during this process or is there a better way than cloning the whole theme?

Yeah, clone of atomik theme is needed. I mean you can technically modify core files, but you will need to update them for every core update. Which is not recommended or convenient.

Search forums, there is a discussion somewhere about cloning atomik theme. Though you will probably need some local development environment prepared for that.

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