Navigation showing pages it shouldn't (resolved - ish!)

I’m using Pixel Theme with Conc 8.5.12. I’ve created Privacy and T&C pages that I don’t want to appear in the header menu. I’ve set attributes on both to not be included in Navigation or page list. The Auto-nav block shows them not included in the Preview but when I save they are visible. I’ve flushed Cache and it makes no difference. Why doesn’t the live appearance match the preview and why are the page attribute choices to exclude them from navigation being recognised in Auto-nav edit but not being recognised when live?

Any suggestions?


Hi, this is just a guess but if the block appears in a ‘Global area’ it will need approving in Stacks.

Thanks for the suggestion. It is in the Sitewide Header Navigation area.

I went to the Stacks and found it in the Header Navigation stack and played around with it there. It only does it in breadcrumb block template whether standard breadcrumb or Pixel breadcrumb options. If I choose any other block template the situation resolves … but I need it as a breadcrumb!

Thanks four your help.

OK I found a possible way around this for anybody else who has the same problem. depending on your page structure

It seems that the Auto-nav block recognises the instruction not to list child pages, so I just moved the pages I didn’t want listed under another page. It works for me but won’t for everyone.