Need assistance in upgrading from v5.6.1.2

I need someone to upgrade my site from version to the current version. I expect the site to finally work exactly as it does now. It is not a complex task, but it requires solid concrete knowledge.
Please don’t apply if you haven’t done this before.

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Hello @romeo1234

I would be glad to assist you with this task.

Please get in touch with the below-shared contact details for further discussion.

E- alanjones(dot)tis(at)gmail(dot)com
Skype - live:.cid.6a62b7b34d1aa390

Looking forward to hearing from you

Alan Jones

" It is not a complex task"
“Please don’t apply if you haven’t done this before”
We have done this before and that’s how I can tell you it is a complex task. Seeing as you’re not a developer I suggest you don’t tell people who know what they’re doing how to do their jobs. We won’t be applying.

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Hello Romeo

I can help you,
I have sent you a private message.


I would have used that info the other way round. Any developer who applies and does not point out an update from to v9 will be complicated will clearly not have done this before and therefore can be eliminated from the applicants. :grin:

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That’s a very good point but having dealt with many clients over many years who say “this should be a very simple task for a good developer”, I’m happy to pass on this one :sweat_smile:

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Hello @romeo1234,

I would be glad to offer my assistance with this task.

Please feel free to contact me at the below-shared contact details.

Email –
Skype – live:ianradnor088

Waiting for your reply


Lets actually address the issue here.

There is no direct automatic upgrade from v5.6+ to V9.2.

Concrete CMS was rebuilt for v5.7 and therefore you would have to rebuild your site to the newer system. Therefore rebuilding in v9.2 would be the best decision.

There are tools that you can use to extract words and images from you v5.6 site but if it is a small site I would recommend a complete rebuild and redesign. This would future proof you and give you the latest technology and coding standards. Also freshening up the design and SEO potential.

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It was not my intention to hurt anyone. I stopped developing under php when concrete was at version 5.5. Since then I have been working in C# and I have had no further dealings with the project I want to upgrade now. Back then the task was a simple one. I understand from the opinions expressed here that now, as an effect of cms evolution, it’s a much more complex task. I need the site (more precisely the links) to stay the same and possibly upgrade to what is starting from now on.

Again, I didn’t mean to upset anyone. The information you gave me was terrific! I have a feeling I will have to transfer everything I have in concrete 5 now to a static site and start from there with something else.

Thanks a lot!

you can easily make it a static site if you use SiteSucker app. forms would need some sort of scripting to work though.


“Again, I didn’t mean to upset anyone. The information you gave me was terrific! I have a feeling I will have to transfer everything I have in concrete 5 now to a static site and start from there with something else.”
No worries but as you can see from other replies above this is a rebuild, not simply pressing an “Update Concrete5” button.

I guess the budget isn’t there to rebuild in the latest ConcreteCMS? If not, can I ask WHY you actually need to upgrade at all?

In short, a few years ago, some nice philologist ladies asked me to make a website for their magazine. And because they were nice, I made their website for free. I used concrete because it suited their needs perfectly (especially for its multilingual features).
The problem is that the geniuses at their hosting company threatened to block their access to the account because the concrete cms is a vulnerability. In fact the vulnerability is because the installed version of the cms is smaller than the official one, and the hosting company don’t understand that as long as no security vulnerabilities are reported, this is not a vulnerability(concrete 5 works perfectly).
So they asked me to quickly find them a solution, so that they don’t lose the site and keep active the links already manually indexed in various databases.
I thought I’d solve it quickly with an upgrade, but, as in Murphy’s laws, when you expect it to be simple mountains come crashing down on you.
I’m thinking of saving their static pages and finding a solution to generate a static site in the future. It’s the simplest solution I can think of, but I need to figure out how to make it easy for them to add pages. I’m still thinking so any ideas are welcome.

I mean there is a very quick, easy and obvious solution here. I wonder if you can think of it …

Oh, I understand. I can change the version no… :slight_smile:

No :man_facepalming:

You can move to a better web host.

If all you need to do is preserve it, an update to 5.6.4 is a simple update and, if you use the latest github version for 5.6.4, that will get the site compatible with php7.4 and more recent MySQL.
With most hosts that will be supported for a year or two yet, possibly longer, but will never be compatible with php8+