Need Concrete CMS logo Merchandise (t-shirts)

I started to attending events as COVID died down.

I’ve realized all of my items still says “concrete5”. (and I lost over 30 lbs / 15kg :grin:)

Can you use Amazon Merch on Demand or Spreadshirt so that you won’t have to worry about having t-shirts in stock.

I would be happy to help.

Good call and congratulations on the weight loss!

I’m cutting “concrete5” from the bottom of old stickers, but it doesn’t seem to change this:,concrete5,headless%20cms&hl=en

This one is really sad :frowning:,concrete5,Drupal,Joomla&hl=en
(although Japan is clearly leading the way).

Please post any news on this - some other merch (stickers, pens, coffee-cups, water bottles, etc) on demand would be a Good Thing ™

Great idea!
I really loved our original hands shirt. I think it set the bar pretty high for merch at the time and I’m eager to update it.

I’ve already got someone started on something here, but I’m happy to accept suggestions and contributions too!

cough hoodies! cough

Black Concrete hoodie would be so nice and stylin’

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We would be happy too :slight_smile: Shirts or hoodies would be really nice.

Can we have the partner logo updated for 2023 please.