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I am in need of a freelancer that can help me connect an API to our ConcreteCMS site. We are currently running the latest v9 on the site. I am able to build the UI and frontend but have never worked with an API before, so really have no idea where to start. I don’t have a set budget so am open to proposals. The project timeline is flexible as well, so would like to know what to expect as part of the proposal as well.


I have worked with many API’s over the years - in fact I’m in the middle of building a Cardano NFT minting and donation site using several API’s from multiple vendors.

What API are you trying to integrate? Hard to make any kind of proposal without more information.

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Also, are you just pulling in info from the api? Or are you using it to send/update info in the remote system?

I am wanting to integrate the Ready Theatre Systems API. Here is the documentation wiki on the API. API Documentation - Rts

Someone has already built what seems to be a pretty good non-platform specific integration on GitHub, but it uses Composer and that again is something that is outside of my wheelhouse.

From my understanding it is both a pull and push. It is an API for our POS for a movie theatre. So we would need to pull info about showtimes, tickets, availability, etc and send info like credit cards, and gift card purchases.

I linked the wiki for the API above, as well as, a GitHub project that is a generic non-platform specific project for this API.

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I have done integrated various third-party API to ConcreteCMS
Further, I have check the API Documentation shared as well
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What you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out.
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