Need Help with Block Zoomer Error, ongoing site maintenance

I need some assistance with an issue, I have found the probable solution here:

But don’t have the know-how to do the fix.

If you can give advice/guidance on other site optimization, improving site speed, etc. I could use the help and would like to find someone to help me understand those things more. The company that made the site for me no longer exists so if you are interested in a small amount of ongoing work, that would be great.

Hi Erin,

Most likely a hosting upgrade to PHP 7.x

PHP 7.4 goes end of life (EOL) on the November 28th, 2022

This fix is quite simple, but you might run across similar issues.

A link to your site would also be helpful, as well as the version of concrete you are currently using.

Our site is
Core Version -
Version Installed -

Feel free to contact us for an estimate: