Need help with Search Functionality

Hello Team,

We are in the process to implement a Subscription system on our website which is developed using Concrete5. We will be using Groups and Permission to restrict content for the Subscribed user and C5J Stripe addon to collect the Subscription Payment.

Now we are stuck on how to allows Paid users to search through Premium content which they get access to after Subscription.

The premium content is distributed under different pages/folders over concrete5, we thought of using the default search functionality of concrete5 but as the content is not under 1 directory it will not work and there are chances of getting a DDOS attack using search queries.

One option is to add a captcha to the search form, so we are wondering if it is possible?

We would also not like to use Google Search Functionality over the website as we do not want our premium content to be cached by Google or any web archive.

Also, there are few other points we would like to explore if it is possible anyway

  1. Paid Subscribers can have the option to search only Premium Content
  2. Paid subscribers can search through a complete website
  3. Guest/Free users will only be able to search non Premium content

Can anyone help us with this or provide any idea about how to achieve that.

Thanks in Advance

Any one who can help with it?

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