Need your help with product comparisons, case studies and testimonials

Hey gang,

For any of you who came to Cascadia back before 'rona and enjoyed visiting us in Portland and talking Concrete for a weekend, you may remember doing a show-and-tell where everyone had 10 minutes to explain a cool project they made with Concrete. It was loads of fun and went long.

We want to bring that back in virtual form with a new set of videos to augment (not replace) our town halls.

We also need meaningful product comparisons. When you’re facing a big technology choice its really nice to have a well written run down of how two systems compare. EG: Magento Marketplace Extension by Webkul vs. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform: Review and Comparison | eCommerce Blog on Running an Online Marketplace

Last but not least, we could use some more video and written testimonials like we have from BASF on our home page.

All of these take time to create, so beyond badges and karma points, we’re more than happy to throw some cash your way for helping out: