New Add-ons

A new collection of marketplace add-ons for version 9.2.1+. Compatible with php8+. Demo site is running the CMS version 9.2.2 and server uses ‘Litespeed’ with PHP 8.2.11.

Demo Site

Promo Block
A block to promote an item, product or page with image, title, description and optional page link.
Many options:
Float block left, centre or right.
Float block image left, centre or right.
Set block to display either landscape or portrait.
10 coloured button options.

Image Float Templates
Two templates allowing you to float images to centre or right in an area when using the core image block
Very simple to apply. Add image block, click again then click ‘Design & Block Template’ and choose your preferred float, ‘Centre’ or ‘Right’. Default float is ‘Left’.

MP3 Player
Load Mp3 audio media from the file manager.
Option to have an image above the player.
Accessibility description below player.
Player uses the native browser audio element, no javascript.

MP4 Player
Responsive MP4 Player. Show MP4 videos from the file manager.
Option to float block ‘Left’ ‘Centre’ or ‘Right’.
Accessible using a description beneath video for screen readers, however does not have captions.
Downloading is disabled.
Player uses the native browser video element, no javascript.

RDFa Block
This is a ‘RDF’ structured-data block not the ‘Microdata’ or ‘JSON-LD’ types.
The add-on shows structured data (RDF) to search engines in the page source (Advanced SEO). Perfect to use with the ‘Community Store’.

Webp Image Block
An add-on for displaying .webp images on a website. The ‘.webp’ image extension is a better way to deliver lightweight images for mobile devices to save download times and bandwidth usage.
Option to float image left, right or centre and popup.


All add-ons have been reduced by $5.00 for the festive period. Happy Christmas/Holidays.