New Certification is not showing in user profile

I’ve just took the new certification test. After succesfully completed i’ve noticed that the icon is not showing up in the certifications area. Can someone confirm this?

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I just ran through the cert test. Scored an 86%, as there’s some questions on things I’ve never even looked at yet. The prompts after the test said I’d have the certification on my profile. An email minutes later confirmed I failed :smiley: ?! Nothing on my profile either…

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@enlil @dimger84 I noticed a lot of failing tests this morning. :flushed: We’ll look into this
Thank you!

That just happened to me also.
Took the test, received a prompt that I passed the test with 46 points out of 50 (92%) and I just saw the email with “Whoops! You have failed the Level 1 Certification - Version 8 certification.” :slight_smile:

Of course, the badge isn’t there on my profile because I failed the test that I have passed :slight_smile:

About the test now - I really enjoy it and learned couple of thing I didn’t know of.
I hope more test are on the way.


I have just noticed i got a message saying i had failed also but it was in my spam. SO i passed but failed, story of my life, lol

Yeah I hit this as well - got 47 correct, and it says ‘Needed to pass 43’ , but received the email:

Whoops! You have failed the Level 1 Certification - Version 8 certification. You can retake the test at 7/15/21, 11:12 AM.

Questions were pretty good, but I did see a repeat. I feel it may have needed some questions about some common blocks and how to use them (Autonav, Page List), what a block template is, and maybe a question about the file manager - but I’m being really picky, such questions might already be in the set I just didn’t get them.

Only other feedback is that the cancel button feels dangerously close to the next question button…

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I can also verify that I passed the certification but don’t see it showing on my profile. Do I need to do something?