New custom blocks are not available for use

At the risk of sounding extremely stupid, and the added risk of generating many eye-rolls of annoyance, I need help using my customised blocks. I created new blocks as per instructions in the documentation, which says it’s easy, but nothing happens.

I tried creating other things, too: a new block type, a new user group … but I get nothing. The block type and user group just disappear.

I follow the instructions in the documentation and nothing happens. Yes, I turned off overrides caching.

As a new experiment, just to make anything happen, I followed the instructions for a new autonav template, from Creating a Template File (, and the example “Site Map Tree” doesn’t show up as a custom template option.

As I am failing in my attempts to do simple beginner activities, I can’t help but think I’ve missed some obscure setting that allows a super admin to customise.

Please, if someone could point me in the right direction I would very grateful.

I’m using default Atomik theme in C5 9.2.1, php 7.4.33. I get no errors.

Sounds to me like they are uploaded to the wrong place?

Also have you installed the block?

Hi, thank you for your interest. It does sound like uploading to the wrong directory, but unfortunately it isn’t. Uploads are going into: application/blocks/etc. At the moment ‘application’ has ‘autonav’ and ‘hello_world’ in there.

What do you mean by “have you installed the block?” If you’re asking if I have successfully installed other blocks, then the answer is yes. I have downloaded, installed, and successfully used, six different block packages from Johnthefish. Two other packages are also in the package directory, however, I am yet to figure out how to use them.

If you mean, did I package it up and use an installer. The answer to this would be no. I was following the directions in the documentation - I’m still in the Let’s Get Started region - and uploaded files directly through my server’s file manager.


Try this page for installing blocks


Are the block templates in the following format/folders




Hello World block is as follows:


All these files were copied from concrete/blocks/content/ and controller namespace was edited.

… Oh my gosh! Thank you. While I was answering your question I realised that the controller file had an uppercase C. I changed it to lowercase and it showed up in index.php/dashboard/blocks/types.

It’s the simple things that bring me undone. Thank you.

The template edit still isn’t working, though.


site_map_tree.php is a renamed copy of autonav/templates/view.php, however, it doesn’t show up in the template options of an autonav block.