NEW Energy Steps addon - convert activities to steps

Don’t worry, be healthy!

Many people around the world become conscious about their health. Many companies encourage employees and their family members to lead a healthy lifestyle. One way to bring some fun and the spirit of competition to the exercise is to compare everyone’s equivalent total number of steps they make in a period of time. People can compete with one another, companies can run department competitions, towns can have company challenges - it’s all fun and for the good of everyone.

This addon provides a wide range of functionality. You can simply have a page with a steps calculator block which converts activity minutes to steps. Or you can add team steps over a period of time and show the results in a nice graphical manner. Or you can have a full blown application where each registered user enters their own results on a regular basis and sees the overall statistics.


  • Dashboard pages with lots of features and fine tune settings and options
  • Account user page to enter, convert and save steps and to show graphical statistics
  • Comes with activity minutes to steps calculator block with graphical statistics charts
  • Filter by company, department, date period
  • Add/edit/delete/activate/deactivate user steps posts
  • CSV import/export of conversion factors
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Competitive workouts. Love the idea!

… there’s a small problem: I cannot find this Addon. Is it not available due to user/developer of this extension is barred from the systems? Why?

Unfortunately, due to world events beyond our control, there is a (hopefully) temporary restriction an certain developers. You can read about that here: Updated policies given world events.