New Forums permalinks not working

I was trying to get the url of a specific forum post by clicking the timestamp to go to it’s “page” and then copy/paste the url from the browser. Left clicking these links does not work. Right clicking to open link in new window IS working.

@enlil are you referring to the archived forums or these new Discourse forums? I don’t fully understand the problem based on your description.

@Myq These forums right here. Choose a topic with numerous replies. view it. hover a timestamp on any specific reply and you’ll see that you can right click to get to that specific page (url) in a new window to grab the permalink, but simply clicking the timestamp does nothing…

For instance, right here on this page i can hover the timestamp of your reply and see the url is /638/2. Clicking it does nothing. Right click to new window opens that url like it should…

Ah, I see. Got it. Yeah, there’s a JavaScript error. Thanks for reporting that.

How do I get a permalink of a forum post? Clicking on the link icon has no effect.
I’d liko to link a solution to another post.
@Myq What is the solution? Where is the Javascript error? Is it fixed?

@cedrey It doesn’t appear to be fixed yet, as of a few days ago when I checked. It’s on the to-do list! In the mean time you can right click the link into a new window and get the permalink that way, as I outline above…