New Member Sign-up, and Formatting Forms

Hi, I used to use Concrete 5.1, and I’ve taken it up again on 9.26 with a fresh new site.
Where is the new member sign up form? I thought I’d just drop a block from the list, something called New User, or Join Newsletter, but I’m not finding it. I’ll look into Express Attributes next. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious because I’m a dope.

Also, how do I style the form created by the Form module? I used to view the source code of the page, find some ID’s, then make my own style sheet in the theme design and link it in. But that was always a very slow and clunky part of Concrete cms, and I’m hoping it’s become more streamlined since then. I just want a horizontal radio button!

Thanks in advance for all your help!

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For the new member signup form, that’s located at /index.php/register after you enable public registration.

You can make custom templates for the Form block by creating a template in the application directory - more information on that here: