New package version upload hangs at automated tests

After uploading a new package version the Update Files & Compatibility page says “Files updated” but all automated tests are grey and don’t change even after some time.

The main addon marketplace page shows “Passed Automated Tests”.

So has the new version passed the tests or not?

The linter is broken. Myq is aware of it and efforts are being made to fix it.

The automated tests should be working again now. You may need to click ‘Resubmit for Lint’ to make sure they run.

Posted too soon. Liniter not working for updades or the resubmit for lint button

What happens with packages that contain composer packages / vendor folder with a bunch of files that do not pass the linter? Does it move forward or get stuck?

Dot files generally have to be granted an exemption from the automated tests. If the composer files were agreed at time of initial review and approval, the exemption would already have been granted. If you add them at a later update, then tests will fail and you will need to request the exemption.

For vendor files, we generally like them to be slimmed down to just the distribution, so things like massive directories of /tests and /examples need to be removed. Other vendor file complaints such as missing exec or die, system functions etc, we usually grant an exemption at the time of review/approval.

Request an exemption by posting to the review for a package under review, or for already approved packages end a PM for such to myself or Nour.

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