New registered users are unable to connect to marketplace


Got an inquiry from our client and Moriai @moriaiy and I can reproduce the problem.

Only newly registered users are unable to connect to the marketplace from their Concrete CMS site.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Sign up a user
  2. Login to your new Concrete CMS install. (Checked with v9.1.3)
  3. Go to “Extend Concrete” page
  4. Click “Create Project Page” button
  5. The attached unknown error happens.

Again, this ONLY happens to NEWLY registered user.

I’ve tried the same step with my user, and I was able to connect to the marketplace no problem.


I think you just cannot connect Marketplace project page… :sob:

Hi @katz515,

Yes received word from @moriaiy. I have confirmed and we are currently investigating. I will let you know when this is resolved.

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All right @katz515 that should be resolved - thanks for posting to bring it to our attention. :+1:

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@EvanCooper Thx, Evan.
We can confirm that it’s been fixed on our end!

Thanks a lot!

@katz515 good to hear, thanks for the update!