New Request: Captcha update inside Form Block

Version 9.1.1 of ConcreteCSM with version 8.1 of PHP

The Form Block contains a yes/no option to use a captcha. The built-in captcha, inside the Form Block, is too difficult, in my opinion. After 5 tries, I cannot get it correct. Therefore, I wonder whether anyone visiting the website would would be able to correctly answer the captcha, especially if they were sick or had poor eyesight.

I have captcha “OFF”, and have received spam.

For future updates, I suggest updating the captcha inside the Form Block. Maybe the captcha could provide 2 or 3 choices for low and high levels of difficulty.

See dashboard/system/permissions/captcha and enable reCaptcha. You will need to use the google link on that page to get the keys.

There are further captcha add ons in the marketplace that integrate through this dashboard page.

Editor docs at Captcha Setup are miniscule.
Developer docs at Anti-Spam and Captcha are technical.

Dear John the Fish: Hello. Thank you very much for this information. I am extremely appreciate. I found the Captcha Setup inside the dashboard of my website, and then went to Google reCAPTCHA. I will need to read more about it before using it. It is complicated for me.