New Task Documentation Available for 9.0

Here’s a head’s up: we have new task documentation for version 9 (both for editors and now for developers.)

Editor task documentation has been available for a couple weeks:

Heads up: new task documentation for editors is available here.

But now we have developer specific documentation for building your own tasks, as well as using the new command and command handler system (which is built off of Symfony Messenger):

Low-level Command and Command Handler documentation (which you’ll want to read before the section on building your own tasks):

And then here is the task developer documentation:

Hope this helps. Excited to see what everyone builds!


good one,
how many times I have looked for these options from the picture below, you do not even know :rofl: you should make it clearer this radio button does more than just tick :wink:

Great. I was just wondering, when I suddenly found the documentation.
Just switching to a new hoster and try to find out how to work with the new approach:

It’s possible to create a cronjob for the minute-runner.

But how should I create the worker: concrete/bin/concrete messenger:consume async ?

It’s possible to run it via ssh - but then it stops if I close the connection.
If I start it with a nother cronjob it will be started multiple times…
So what’s the best way on a shared hosting?


This is one of those times that the fact that we’re based on Symfony Messenger is a great thing. They have a lot of docs out there that are applicable to this problem, especially since the messenger:consume command is fully unchanged from the Symfony implementation – it just uses the Concrete services.

I would highly recommend checking out this page:

The “Deploying to Production” has tips on how to keep the worker running, when/how to restart workers, etc…

Great, but my post was about the fact that you can’t see that there is more than a selection.
Selecting the first, nothing will happen, select another, e.g. 4 again nothing, even if you select the second on the screen, there will be no changes, so you will assume that there are no options - it’s a mistake.

@andrew I just finished reading the dev part and I have to stay great stuff, very well written. I didn’t even have a question left after reading :+1:

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Thanks @mnakalay ! I definitely appreciate hearing that.

Has something gone wrong with the markdown in the second section of Task Architecture :: Concrete CMS

@andrew documentation doesn’t seem to address how to stop a running task. I’ve got two Generate Thumbnail tasks stuck at 42732 / 42744 after a week with the site showing empty warnings ever few seconds.