Stopping Tasks

I’m updating a site to Version 9 and need to recreate thumbnails for the whole site to match the new theme breakpoints.

I’m running the task ‘Generate thumbnails’ which ‘Recomputes all thumbnails for a file.’ after just over 24hours I’m at 31922 / 42744 files!

Unfortunately I have also set off the task again and it is queued to run after the first task completes.

So, two questons:

  1. there is not stop button on a task does anyone know how to stop a task that is in progress?

  2. I have noticed there is another Task ‘Rescan Files’ that ‘Recomputes all attributes, clears and regenerates all thumbnails for a file.’ Does anyone know how this compares to ‘Generate thumbnails’?

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Did you ever get an answer to this? I’m running a Generate Thumbnail process that seems to be stuck, and now I can’t run any more Tasks while this sits in the queue throwing random blank errors every minute.

I’m still not really on top of this. Just looking at a screen now where the tasks seem to be stuck behind the thumbnail creation task thats been running for months!

I’m going to put more time to this and will let you know if I find anything useful.

One thing we have done when faced with ‘stuck’ tasks is simply to delete the relevant entries from the database tables:


Looks like there is fix for this coming in 9.2.0


Thanks for the update! Deleteing these tables seemed to have fixed the problem temporarily. Clearing out the MessengerMessages table also cleared up the forever repeating “Empty Error Box” issue.

I think I can wait until 9.2.0 to run my automated tasks, will have to hand run the sitemap.xml generation until then…