New to concrete and struggling with 2 simple things


Just upgraded the latest version with Atomik today. I like concrete as it is far quicker to create pages than by hand. However, I am sure I saw the ability to do this in concrete, but cannot find it now;

  • add font awesome icons into the menu pages
  • add in pricing tables

I have looked and only find out of date pages and references. Can anyone point me in the right direction? free or paid doesnt matter

I’m not sure of a straightforward explanation on using font awesome, but the following theme has pricing tables:

It sounds like you are looking for changes to the way the Atomik theme works. If that’s the case, you probably want to build or buy a different theme. For the icons, you might check out the Icon Selector package.

Atomik already uses font awesome, so I presumed it would be possible? Surely I don’t need to change theme for this?