No Addon/Theme list on profile

Profiles are missing the developer addon/theme lists.

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They are there, just not that intuitive to find. In the dropdown menu clicking when clicking the user icon in the top right corner, click on “Purchase History” and that’s all there in the old right-hand menu.

To clarify, on the actual public profile, no grid of a developer’s addon/theme icons and links for the public to see and click.

Oups, sorry… I misunderstood you

Noted. It’s in the queue to be remediated.

I hope this one hasn’t fallen off the list - it’s pretty important to be able to see a member’s list of add-ons.

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+1. Glad you found this, I was looking for it after the meeting last week to give it a poke.

I just want to flag this one again - I think it’s really important.

I was just browsing some add-ons, and thought, ‘I wonder how many add-ons Nour has active at the moment’, to realise that the list still hasn’t been added to profiles.


+1 for bringing this back it is sorely missed.

@mesuva fear not and just search for mnakalay in the marketplace to see my plugins :wink: