No Board template

I’ve posted parts of this elsewhere but this question is only about Boards. I am unable to install the Atomik Documentation and it seems that also includes the blog.php template. This seems like a strange choice on the part of the developers but while I’m waiting for a fix on the documentation install, how can I manually install that blog.php so that I can use boards. I read this and so checked if there was a blog.php where it should be and there is (although it’s in the “boards” directory not “board” as this doc says:

Really. Not one person is able to help me get boards working.

@baxterdmutt can you clarify what you mean by installing Atomik Documentation? Is that a custom theme?

@EvanCooper, Atomik comes with documentation in xml format except it’s incomplete. It’s mostly lorem ipsum, but there’s core code meant to deal with installing it and there’s a button on the dashboard themes page to install documentation.

Huh, see when I asked the question, I didn’t know that it wasn’t complete. Now that I know that, I’ll give up on it.

@mnakalay got it, thanks for the clarification.

I see @baxterdmutt has opened an issue here #10571 is not fixed (Attempt to read property "pThemeID" on null) · Issue #11016 · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub - thanks for doing that. I’ll take a closer look into this, thanks.