No Edit Bar

I am new to concreate and also not very experienced with javascript and php.
I installed the cms , I have done everything as described in the video from youtube.
I tryed 3 different templates. In one of them I have no errors in chrome web developer console.Everything else seems to work , the css , the js and images . I have searched the forum and tried stuff but still no edit bar.
Also I have verified z-index attribute in my css … nothing did the magic … PLEASE help. Also I have to mention that my template is html 5 and using bootstrap.

After installing, did you actually login to the site?

What core version?
Which theme(s)?

yes I dis that, the theme is custom and I followed the istruction from concreate channel to edit it.I have the latest version. The theme is this one ICO Kryptova - Cryptocurrency Template by Axilthemes | ThemeForest … with some modification. The website is I am trying to make concrete work for that site.

My guess is that in your theme you have included the jQuery.js

When you log in concrete adds also and therefore causes a conflict.

Please remove you jQuery.js and see if that is issue.

I am not fully understand how to do that. I just did like in the video.If i remove jquery from my default.php the site doesn’t work. Is there any full documentation about converting bootstrap 4 template to concrete5. The videos on the channel are old and trying to convert the template that way results in a php syntax error.

Concrete5 has JQuery built into the core and you can use this in your theme. Remove the inline script tag you are using and then follow this.

You can do this from within our PageTheme class. In the example of the non-packaged Urbanic theme, we would open application/themes/YOURTHEME/page_theme.php, and within our PageTheme class, add this code:

public function registerAssets()
    $this->requireAsset('css', 'font-awesome');
    $this->requireAsset('javascript', 'jquery');

The \Concrete\Core\Page\Theme\Theme class that all PageTheme classes extend provides a method named requireAsset that can be extremely useful here. With those lines of code above we know that our theme will always load jQuery and Font Awesome – and we also know that they’ll never be loaded twice (since the Core uses the same asset system.)