No Follow Links on Documentation How-To's

@mnakalay wanted to reach out, I know you mentioned that there was an issue with there being no-follow links on the documentation site? Just wanted to follow up on that - from what I can see it looks like links included in approved tutorials don’t contain the no-follow attribute but maybe I’m missing something. Thanks!

Hi @EvanCooper I was referring to a field that used to exist when submitting a tutorial but apparently was removed. Back in the days there was a possibility to include an URL where the tutorial was originally posted for devs that had a blog for instance. That link was getting a no-follow attribute.

My comment was t point out that nothing was done really to foster a community outside of the concrete website the way WP has. That no-follow attribute was a good example. The fact that the possibility to link to our own blogs was removed altogether is also a good example.

One way Google ranks pages is if it’s linked from a reputable website. Giving us the possibility to link, reasonably and responsibly, from here to our own websites would be of great help.

Got it - so you can actually create links within your how-to’s and they are not no-followed so you can plug in a link to your blog at the bottom of your how-to and I think that should get you what you’re looking for.

But I see what you were saying, it was more about how that no-follow kind of made it more difficult to create that connection in the past. Hopefully not so much now!