NOT v9 Ready: Login/Logout Link

The Login/Logout Link add-on has been marked V9 Ready… but it’s not. This is due to a bug in it for logging out, where it uses a deprecated function (logout instead of the newer do_logout) that has stopped working properly.

This add-on shouldn’t have been marked V9 Ready.

Side note: I have reported the bug, with a patch to fix it, but it seems that support requests on this add-on are generally ignored.

That’s interesting. I tested this pre-release on v9 and didn’t have issue. I’ll be sure this gets looked at!!

EDIT: Disregard. This is a different addon than the one I recently reviewed…

Maybe give the login/logout Block a try ?? Login/Logout Block - Concrete CMS

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As @Enlil noted, please try the new addon.

The other addon. It has not been updated since 2015, so there is little surprise it has v9 issues. I have manually reset it as not v9 compatible.

Thanks for reporting the problems with the other addon. If you find any more that have slipped through. please keep reporting.

Thanks for the pointer to the new login/logout block, that one should solve my issues (thank you @mlocati).

(no wonder I didn’t find it when I looked before… it’s very new!)