Notification once there is an update

dear all

i might have a stupid question but i never used something like this.
the idea behind is basically quite simple:

every registered user should receive an email once there is an update on the website (automatically). is this possible with the onboard newsletter tool? that’s all, really just saying “hello there’s news blablabla” on the website.

thank you very much for your feedback

You should be able to do that with a page list and RSS feed.
The page list would list the site in latest first.
Users subscribe to the RSS for the page list using a third party RSS following service.

thank you very much for the quick response!
so but then the user needs to have this rss thingy?
otherwise the newsletter is needed to be sent manually, right?
the clients of this site are more or less “older“ :wink: and they surely don’t get it with the rss tools.