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hi all
has anyone a good idea how a notification tool (via email) can be developed in an easy way?
the only thing it need to do is sending out a message, once there is a change on the website.
many thanks!


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I would be glad to assist you.

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Lauren W.

sent you an email… :slight_smile:

The built in workflow system already does this. Configuration is covered in the documentation.

Email us if you’d like to pay us to do it:

thank you! but email to registered people?

Yes. Any edit made remains in a workflow pending approval. The user/group designated for approving is notified by email. They approve in the dashboard and the workflow is then completed and the edit approved/published.

I think that’s a misunderstanding – they want to inform the “clients or members” via email once the webmaster made a change, sorry for being unclear…
that’s a different story then?!

so change on website → member gets an email saying: “hey new stuff online” :slight_smile:

Yes, a different application. In principle, attaching an email sender to a page publish event. However, there are a bunch of potential complexities that could push the cost up.

  • Subscribe/unsubscribe management (a legal requirement in most countries), easiest handled through a 3rd party mailing list service.

  • You don’t want users to be inundated with notifications while the editors are having a heavy editing session, so it will need some kind of throttling. Throttling or rate limiting may also be handled through a mailing list service.

If your customer is expecting this to be a cheap job, you could propose the alternative of a page lists with RSS enabled. Users then use an RSS application to subscribe to the feed. Or perhaps a 3rd party mailing list service can listen to the RSS and connect it to a mailing list. (Looks like Mailchimp could do this for you)

wow you are so wise! :pray: :raised_hands:
i have had the newsletter addon from bitter, which actually is perfect but it doesn’t work on version 9. i think this would be the best solution as it is only roughly 30 people who received this.

but good point with the changes – otherwise they will get an email flood… haha