Old Plugin uninstall or remove

I installed the plugin ‘Simple Backup’ a few years ago. Today I’m working with concrete 9.1.1 and this plugin doesn’t work. I want uninstall this, but there is no uninstall button. And this plugin is gone from the marketplace.

How can I remove it? Thanks for any help.

Hi @dublaski

There’s no uninstall button in the dashboard? You’re clicking the “Details” button next to the extension and going into that view?

You can disable the addon through the database if worse comes to worse, but probably want to exhaust other possibilities before doing that.

Thanks for your answer.
There’s no uninstall button in the dashboard. And when I#m clicking the ‘Details’ it crashed always. Error: 1. “Call to a member function getJobName() on null”. It’s the application ’ Simple Backup v.2.1.1’.
Any idea? More help would be appreciated.