Old result shown in search block

There was a post in September 2021 Search Block Showing Old Results

Unfortunately there was no solution offered. I have the same problem. Either the search block shows nothing (when I put in terms I know are on certain pages) or it show the old result.

I have run a Search Index job, although I do not understand what the areas are, the list is very long see attachement

I have run redindex, cleared the cache and still the problem persists.

I have checked the attributes of the pages and they are not included from the search.

Any ideas ?

I have been looking at this problem for awhile, and maybe it could be some sort of caching issue. Whilst the old search remains, if I leave for half an hour or so and then put in a new search topic, it works. This new search remains in the search block if I add another search topic immediately afterwards.

Now I think I have solved the problem. I think it was a caching problem. I went to site map and for the search page I went to "caching (the one under attributes). The search page was set to global settings - I changed it to “do not cache this page” and now it seems to work ok.

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Yes, great. Had the same issue. Now it runs fine and does what it should!