Old/v8 documentation showing up in search before v9+

So I’m trying to see what I can do to speed up reCAPTCHA on my site, and I search for Concrete CMS Captcha, it takes me here : Captcha Setup

Guh, that’s old v8 stuff, maybe I want v9. Click on v9, takes me to the page for User/Developer docs, which do you want?

Click on Users, takes me to root of docs, not where I was in the structure for v8 previous… ugh… well I’ll search I guess. Click on Search at top, takes me to generic Search (not specific to Documentation). I search “captcha” or “recaptcha”.

First two links are to the v8 docs… and no v9 doc pages seem to come up as far as I can tell…

I do actually need the v8 docs to stick around, but this whole UX switching between v8/v9 for the docs, and not being able to search within v9-specific docs, really leaves me wanting in big ways.

I’m not sure the best thing to recommend here, but this really creates a huge barrier to entry for anyone wanting to learn Concrete CMS stuff. And I’m a pretty seasoned Concrete CMS fanatic, imagine what it’s like for someone brand-spanking-new to it.

I highly recommend the workflow/UX for all this be improved and validated.

Thanks for the feedback @BloodyIron - some of that mapping does need to get updated a bit so it’s a bit more intuitive; that’s on our list.

As for speeding up reCaptcha I’m not sure how much of that would rely on interfacing with the reCaptcha servers and such, that latency? Not sure if there would be much to document from a Concrete end re: how to speed that up.