Open source CAT tool for Concrete CMS

I’ve published “Content Translator” package to GitHub. This is a tool to provide an interface to translate content with cloud translation API like Google Translate or DeepL.

Many of my clients chose Drupal instead of Concrete CMS in the past because Concrete doesn’t have a CAT (computer-assisted translation) tool. That’s why I made this package.

I’ll submit this package to the marketplace, but I’d like to get feedback from our community first. Please test this package if you are interested in managing multilingual websites, and feel free to submit an issue or comment here. Thanks!

Basic usage of this package

GitHub Repository


This looks great @hissy. I’ve done some work with Deepl integration with Concrete but the approach was automatic and full page. To me, this process you have developed is the right approach. Deepl is really great.

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This is a very cool package!

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