Override Theme View.php for Single Page

I am wanting to override the view.php of the Atomik theme for a couple of particular single pages. I can not figure out how to do this without placing a new file php file for each single page inside the Atomik theme folder, which I want to avoid. I want to be able to keep all of my customizations in the application folder.

Just for clarity, do you want the view.php to always be overridden or just conditionally if it’s being used on certain single pages?

I would like view.php to be overridden for certain single pages.

I know of the method to place a single_page.php in the theme directory to override view.php. However, I am using the Atomik theme as my theme. I am wanting to avoid changing or adding to the Atomik theme folder, in an effort to avoid future updates “removing” my additional files.

My thinking was that I should do that in the application folder, but currently I haven’t been able to override view.php.

Gotcha. Yeah one option would be to just copy the Atomik theme out into a package and customize it. That way it remains “Atomik” but you could customize it without fear of changes getting blown away.